Once again with a new relationship AI tool like having a digital friend you can chat, text call anytime and anywhere. Sharing your personal information and feelings because it is also too secure. Here will be the friends as you want how they will appear. How they will behave. And how they will treat you all will be in your control. so let’s explain the candy AI features how it works and how it will help you. Let start!


Candy AI is like having digital friends, with whom you can text call, and communicate. Today, we’re talking about Candy.ai, a cool platform where you can make your AI girlfriend. You can ask her how she looks, and what she likes, and even chat with her anytime you want.  It’s super fun and easy to use. Stick around to learn more about how Candy.ai works and how you can have your own personalized AI girlfriend!

This platform is based on text interaction that is provided by the users to visualize their AI girlfriend with the help of images generated by AI technology.

Who is the founder of candy AI?

Candy.ai’s founders and board of directors

One firm was founded by co-founder and CEO John Smith. One company was founded by co-founder Jack Jones. Co-founder Jane Doe is a founder of one business.

Features of Candy AI


 It means that users can make an AI girlfriend as they want, Users can craft their AI girlfriend’s characters, interests, appearance, and more, to create a companion perfectly aligned with their preferences.

Visual Interaction:

This platform helps users to visualize their AI-generated girlfriends with the help of images created by AI.


Humans may be busy sometimes with their boyfriend but AI Chabot is available 24/7. You talk chat, and share thoughts and emotional ideas at any time.

Digital Intimacy & Privacy Assurance:

It means that this platform is more secure and makes a secure environment for their users to share feelings, and emotions and communicate with AI-generated girlfriends. They can do this by sharing interesting visual content too.


Everybody wants their partner will look or behave as they want, so AI completely wishes now you can make your AI girlfriend as you want, how she looks, what she likes and so more many interesting things.

AI Developments:

This means that the AI girlfriend gets better over time as you talk to her more. She learns from your conversations and starts to understand how you like to talk. So, the more you chat with her, the more she’ll feel like a real friend because she’ll know how to respond to you in a way that you’ll enjoy.

Call features:

This platform also offers call opportunities for their users, users can simple talk to their AI generated girlfriend but its only in upgraded version not inn free one.

How to use Candy AI

Account Creation:

  • Official website: Visit Candy AI’s official website.
  • Create an account: If you haven’t signed up yet, create a new account. If you’re already a member, just log in.

Profile and Customization:

  • Profile: once you log in here make a profile of your AI-generated girlfriend
  • Customization: once you make a profile here customize your AI girlfriend

Chat and Visual Interaction:

  • Chat: start chatting with your AI girlfriend through the built-in chat interface. The AI will give you a quick response on the spot there.
  • Visual Interaction: this means that users can demand a picture from their AI girlfriend and the AI will send a picture making the chat more interesting. It’s not like a human girlfriend that she did not want to share her photos with their boyfriends.

Regular and Explore Topics:

  • Regular interaction: when you chat or talk regularly with your AI girlfriends it becomes more understandable and habitual to you.  And understand you in a better way what do you want to say?
  • Explore topics: Have different conversations with your AI girlfriend to learn more about what she knows and to discover more about her personality. It’s like diving deep into different subjects to see what she’s interested in and what she’s like as a friend.

Privacy and Updates:

  • Privacy Settings: Adjust how your data is used for added security.
  • Customization and Updates: Keep your AI girlfriend’s traits and interests up-to-date to match your preferences.


  • Availability: AI chatting is available 24/7 anytime and anywhere you can chat any time.

Community guideline and Feedback:

  • Community guideline: follow the community guidelines and enjoy the chat.
  • Feedback: if there are any issues in the platform simply report the issue to the team.

Pricing plans of candy AI

Premium Benefits

  • Create your own AI Girlfriend(s)
  • Unlimited text messages
  • Get 100 FREE tokens / month
  • Remove image blur
  • Generate images
  • Make AI phone calls
  • Listen to voice messages
  • Fast response time


$12.99 $25.99/ month

Cancel anytime, privacy in bank statement




Cancel anytime, privacy in bank statement


Candy.AI offers a unique way to create a personalized AI girlfriend, providing a fun and interactive experience. With features like text and call communication, visual interaction, and advanced customization, users can craft their ideal digital companion.

The platform ensures privacy and security, making it safe to share personal thoughts and feelings. Whether you want a chat buddy available 24/7 or an AI that learns and evolves with your preferences, Candy.AI delivers a comprehensive solution.

 Explore the affordable pricing plans and enjoy the benefits of having a digital friend tailored just for you.

FAQs about Candy.AI

Q1. What is Candy.AI and how does it work?

Candy.AI is a service that enables users to design and interact with a customized AI girlfriend. Users can engage in texting, calling, and other forms of communication with their AI companion. They can personalize her looks, interests, and personality traits. The AI adapts and improves through these interactions, gradually becoming a more realistic and engaging friend.

Q2. What features does Candy.AI offer for personalization?

Candy.AI offers extensive personalization features, allowing users to craft their AI girlfriend’s character, interests, appearance, and more. Users can also request AI-generated images of their AI girlfriend to enhance the visual interaction.

Q3. Is my data and privacy secure with Candy.AI?

Yes, Candy.AI prioritizes user privacy and security. The platform ensures a secure environment for sharing personal thoughts, feelings, and visual content. Users can also adjust privacy settings to control how their data is used.

Q4. How can I get started with Candy.AI?

To get started with Candy.AI, visit the official website and create an account. Once logged in, you can make a profile for your AI-generated girlfriend and customize her to your liking. You can then start chatting and interacting with her through the built-in chat interface.

5. What are the pricing plans for Candy.AI, and what benefits do they offer?

Candy.AI offers two main pricing plans:

  • Monthly Plan: $12.99 per month (usually $25.99), which includes unlimited text messages, 100 free tokens per month, image generation, AI phone calls, voice messages, and fast response times.
  • Annual Plan: $5.99 per month (usually $25.99), offering the same benefits as the monthly plan with the convenience of annual billing.

Both plans allow users to cancel anytime and ensure privacy in bank statements.