AI notes generator tools

Ever wished for a personal assistant to magically transcribe your thoughts? Well, guess what? With AI notes generator tools, it’s not magic—it’s modern AI technology at its finest! As Arthur C. Clarke once said, ‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.’ And trust me; these AI-powered note-taking tools are nothing short of mesmerizing. From effortlessly capturing meeting minutes to organizing brainstorming sessions, they’re the secret weapon every busy bee needs. So, buckle up, and let’s dive into the fascinating world of AI-powered note-taking wonders!

AI Tools to take notes

Tool 1. Google keep

Google Keep is an examine-taking software program that advanced the usage of Google. It permits customers to create, edit, prepare, and store notes, which include text, lists, photographs, and voice recordings. Google Keep syncs throughout gadgets, allowing users to get right of entry to their notes from smartphones, capsules, and computer structures. It features color coding, reminders, and collaboration alternatives, making it a flexible device for personal and professional use.

Features of Google Keep:

  • Note-taking: Allows customers to quickly jot down notes, ideas, or reminders.
  • Lists and Checklists: Helps customers create and manage lists and checklists for responsibilities or gadgets to consider.
  • Color Coding: Users can assign distinct colorings to notes for clean categorization and visible organization.
  • Voice Notes: Supports voice recordings for shooting thoughts fingers-loose.
  • Image Uploads: Allows users to attach images to their notes for visual reference.
  • Cross-Platform Sync: Synchronizes notes throughout gadgets, permitting access to smartphones, drugs, and computer systems.
  • Search Functionality: Provides a seek feature to without difficulty discover specific notes or facts in the app.
  • Reminders: Offers the capacity to set reminders for notes, ensuring critical obligations or events aren’t forgotten.
  • Collaboration: Permits users to proportion notes and collaborate with others in real-time.
  • Integration with Google Services: Seamlessly integrates with different Google offerings like Google Drive and Google Docs.

How to use the Google Keep AI tool to take notes?

Open Google Keep:

First, open the Google Keep app on your smartphone or get the right of entry to it via your internet browser on your PC.

Start a New Note:

To begin taking a brand new word, click on the “Take a Notice” segment at the bottom of the display or click the “New Observe” button.

Type Your Note:

Type your note using the keyboard. You can jot down any thoughts, reminders, or duties you want to keep in mind.

Use Voice Typing (Optional):

If you select, you may use the voice typing function by clicking on the microphone icon at the keyboard. Then, communicate your notice out loud, and Google Keep will transcribe it into textual content.

Add Checklists (Optional):

If your notice entails a listing of items or obligations, you could create a checklist. Just click on the checklist icon within the Be Aware toolbar and begin typing your listing gadgets. Press Enter after every item to add it to the tick list.

Attach Images (Optional):

If you need to consist of photos, click on the photograph icon in the toolbar. You can either upload a photo out of your tool or take a new picture using your device’s digital camera.

Set Reminders (Optional):

To make sure you don’t forget about your word, you could set a reminder. Click on the reminder icon within the toolbar, and select a date and time for the reminder to warn you.

Use Color Labels (Optional):

To arrange your notes visually, you can assign them coloration labels. Click on the paint palette icon within the toolbar, and select coloration on your note.

Save Your Note:

Once you have finished writing your notice and adding any non-obligatory factors, click on the “Done” button to save it.

Access Your Notes Anywhere:

Since Google Keep syncs across devices, you could get admission to your notes on your phone, tablet, or laptop, as long as you’re signed in to your Google account.

Is Google Keep free or paid?

Can users use Google Keep an AI tool to take notes for free? Yes, Google Keep is indeed completely free to use, and all you need is a Google account to access it. Here are some key points about its free features:

  • No Cost: Google Keep is available at no cost, making it accessible to anyone with a Google account.
  • Storage Exemption: Images and audio files stored in Google Keep do not count towards your Google storage limit.
  • Size Limits: Images are capped at 10MB each, ensuring efficient storage management within the app.
  • Text Limits: Text notes have a character limit of 19,999 characters, accommodating extensive note-taking without overwhelming the system.
  • Additional Storage: Purchasing additional Google Drive storage does not impact or raise these limitations, ensuring fair usage for all users.

Tool 2. Roam Research

Roam Research is a tool for taking notes and organizing ideas. It helps you capture, organize, and connect your thoughts. It’s known for its unique way of note-taking, focusing on linking ideas in both directions and creating a “second brain” for users.

Roam Research allows users to create interconnected notes using a system called “blocks,” which can be easily linked together to form a network of related information. This approach enables users to explore and develop their thoughts in a nonlinear way, making it popular among researchers, writers, and knowledge workers.

 Roam Research also offers features such as backlinks, daily notes, and graph views, which enhance the organization and retrieval of information.

Features of Roam Research

  • Nested bullet points: Organize thoughts hierarchically.
  • Bidirectional linking: Connect ideas effortlessly.
  • Backlinks: Instantly see connections between notes.
  • Daily Notes: A dedicated space for daily logging.
  • Tagging and filters: Quickly locate and organize information.
  • Graph view: Visualize connections between notes.
  • Blocks: Granular unit of information for easy manipulation.
  • Keyboard shortcuts: Efficient navigation and editing.
  • Offline access: Work without an internet connection.
  • Import/export: Seamlessly integrate with other tools.
  • Customizable templates: Adapt to various note-taking needs.
  • Collaboration: Share and work on notes with others.
  • Mobile apps: Access your notes on the go.
  • Extensions and integrations: Extend functionality with third-party tools.
  • Privacy and security: Safeguard sensitive information.

How to use Roam research AI notes generator to take notes?

Open Roam Research:

First, log in to your Roam Research account. If you don’t have one, you could sign up for free.

Start a New Page: 

Click on “New Page” to create a brand new awareness-taking area. Give your page a name related to what you need to take notes on. For instance, if you’re reading biology, you might name your page “Biology Notes.”

Activate the AI Notes Generator: 

In the web page editor, type “/AI” to prompt the AI Notes Generator. You’ll see a spark when you ask for a topic.

Enter your topic:

 Type inside the subject matter you want to generate notes on. It might be anything from “photosynthesis” to “Albert Einstein.”

Generate Notes:

 After typing your subject matter, hit Enter. The AI will begin generating notes based on the topic you provided.

Review and Edit:

Once the AI has generated the notes, evaluate them. You may find that a few factors are precisely what you want, even as others would possibly want a piece of tweaking. Feel free to edit the notes to suit your style or add additional data.

Link and organize: 

Use Roam’s functions, like bidirectional linking and nested bullet points, to arrange your notes. Link associated concepts collectively and create a structure that makes sense to you.

Add your insights:

Don’t forget to add your insights, thoughts, and ideas to the notes. This is where the magic takes place! Combine the AI-generated content with your know-how and information to create comprehensive notes.

Save and review:

 Once you are satisfied with your notes, ensure to shop them. You can always come again later to check, edit, or add more facts.


Repeat the procedure for different topics you need to take notes on. Over time, you may build up a valuable series of notes that you can refer back to every time you want them.

Pricing plans of Roam research

Is Roam research free? No Roam research is not free initially users have to purchase a plan from a paid one and get access to their features!

PlanPriceBilling CycleTotal CostAdditional Benefits
Pro$15 / monthMonthly$15 / monthUnlimited Private or Public Roam Graphs Unlimited Collaborators API access and Apps
 $180 / yearMonthly$180 / year 
 $165 / yearAnnually$13.75 / month 
Believer$500 / 5 years5 years$8.33 / month, $100 / yearEverything in Pro Plan plus… First Access to New Features Community Calls with the Team Priority Support

Notion AI notes generator

Notion AI is a helpful tool that lets you make lots of notes and ideas on different topics. It’s really good for making detailed research papers, articles, and other stuff without too much work. But, right now, there isn’t a special feature called Notion AI Notes Generator.

Notion is a popular tool where you can do lots of things like writing notes, planning projects, and working with others. Even though Notion has cool features to help you organize your notes, there isn’t a specific AI Notes Generator yet.

If you want to brainstorm, gather info for a project, or write an essay, Notion AI can help you start easily.

Features of Notion AI

  • All-in-one workspace for notes, tasks, wikis, and databases
  • Customizable templates for various organizational needs
  • Collaborative features for teams and individuals
  • Kanban board and calendar views for project management
  • Integration with other tools and platforms

Pricing plans of Notion AI

Can I use notion for free?

Yes, users can use the notion AI for free with some extent features, and also Notion AI offers more features at their offered price!        

 FreeFor organizing work & life$0              
 Unlimited blocks for individuals 
 Limited block trial for teams 
 Collaborative workspace                                       
 Integrate with Slack, GitHub & more 
 Basic page analytics                                          
 7 day page history 
 Invite 10 guests                                              
 Most popular                                                
 PlusFor small groups to plan & organize$8/user/month   
 Everything in Free                                            
 Unlimited blocks for teams 
 Unlimited file uploads 
 30 day page history 
 Invite 100 guests                                             
 BusinessFor companies connecting teams & tools$15/user/month  
 Everything in Plus                                            
 SAML SSO                                                      
 Private teamspaces                                            
 Bulk PDF export                                               
 Advanced page analytics 
 90 day page history                                           
 Invite 250 guests                                             
EnterpriseAdvanced controls & support for organizations Contact sales    Contact for pricing
  Everything in Business                                        
  User provisioning (SCIM)                                      
  Advanced security & controls 
  Audit log                                                     
  Customer success manager 
  Workspace analytics                                           
  Unlimited page history 
  Security & Compliance integrations 
  Invite 250 guests                                             

How to use the notion AI notes generator?

1. Create a Space:

  • Start by making a special place in Notion for your notes.
  • Click on “New Page” to begin a new page for your notes.

2. Use Ready-Made Designs:

  • Notion gives you different designs for your notes.
  • Choose from designs like meeting summaries, to-do lists, or personal thoughts.

3. Organize with Blocks:

  • Notion works with blocks. These are like building blocks for your notes.
  • You can add text, pictures, checklists, and more to your notes.

4. Work Together:

  • If you’re working with others, you can share your notes with them.
  • You can all edit the notes at the same time.

5. Connect with Other Tools:

  • Notion can connect with other apps like Google Drive and Trello.
  • This makes it easier to use your notes with other tools you already use.

Read AI

Read AI is a smart technology that uses computer vision and language skills to understand written stuff like text, images, and videos. It’s handy in things like chatbots, virtual helpers, and suggesting content online. These systems can do lots, like figuring out important names, understanding feelings in text, and sorting out topics. It’s getting more and more popular because it helps do stuff automatically in today’s digital world.

Features of Read AI

  • Content Creation: Read AI Write helps you create awesome content quickly.
  • Writing Improvement: It suggests ways to make your writing better.
  • Research Assistance: Find info and sources easily for your writing projects.
  • Content Organization: Get tips on structuring your content effectively.
  • SEO Boost: Optimize your content to get noticed by search engines.
  • Multilingual Support: It works in many languages, making it accessible to everyone.

How to use read AI to note generator?

1. Access the Read AI Write platform:

Visit the Read AI Write website or access the application through its designated platform.

2. Choose “Notes Generator” mode:

 Once on the platform, select the “Notes Generator” mode or any similar feature specifically tailored for note generation.

3. Input your topic or prompts:

Provide the tool with the topic or prompts for which you need to generate notes. This could be a summary of a book, an article, or any other content you need to capture in note form.

4. Review the generated notes:

Allow the AI to method the input and generate the notes for you. Review the output to make sure that it accurately captures the key factors and statistics you want.

5. Edit and refine as wanted:

If required, you could edit and refine the generated notes to align them together with your unique requirements or to decorate their clarity and coherence.

6. Save or export the notes:

Once you are glad with the generated notes, save them within the platform or export them to your chosen study-taking software program for future reference.

Pricing plans of read AI

Can I use the read AI for free? Is read AI free or paid? Read AI is free you can use this tool for free with some limits and also it offered some paid plans!

PlansPrice (Monthly)Price (Yearly)Features
Free$0N/AFree features, plus: Unlimited meeting reportsWorkspacesAdmin control and team reporting topic progressionAdvanced For You reporting with topic progression across meetingsIntegrationsZapier, Slack, and WebhooksFree upload credits100 minutes per month
Pro$19.75$15Pro features, plus: Meeting playback audio & video recordings with chapter annotations and moreHighlight reelsRewatch a 2-minute recap of the meeting’s pivotal momentsPremium supportPriority access to our support teamFree upload credits200 minutes per month
Enterprise$29.75$22.50Enterprise features, plus: SSO & SAMLAdded security for authenticationDomain capture data retention policyCustomized data deletionUnlimited meeting durationNo caps on meeting lengthsFree upload credits300 minutes per month
Enterprise +$39.75$29.75Pro features, plus: Meeting playback audio & video recordings with chapter annotations and more highlight reelsRewatch a 2-minute recap of the meeting’s pivotal momentsPremium supportPriority access to our support teamFree upload credits200 minutes per month

Supernormal AI

Supernormal is an innovative platform that uses cutting-edge AI models like ChatGPT and GPT4 to automatically capture detailed meeting notes without any manual effort.

It works seamlessly with popular video conferencing tools like Google Meet, MS Teams, and Zoom, providing instant transcripts, summaries, and action items. Whether it’s a one-on-one chat, a client meeting, or a sales call, Supernormal handles all types of meetings efficiently.

 It simplifies collaboration by offering automatic sharing and integration with tools like Salesforce, Slack, and Hubspot, ensuring that meeting notes seamlessly fit into existing workflows.

With features like multilingual transcriptions, unlimited recording length, and the ability to edit and highlight key points, Supernormal streamlines the process of capturing and sharing meeting insights, ultimately saving time and enhancing productivity.

Who are the founders of Supernormal AI?

Colin and Fabian are the founders of supernormal AI.

Pros and cons of supernormal AI


  • Automatically transcribes and writes meeting notes for Google Meet, saving time and effort.
    • Instantly shares notes and recordings with anyone, compatible with platforms like Google Docs, Notion, Hubspot, Salesforce, etc.
    • Records meetings in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, and more.
    • Helps teams stay aligned, capture customer feedback, communicate asynchronously, and conduct user testing and research.
    • Offers a 14-day trial and 1,000 meeting minutes for free.


  • May struggle with low-quality audio or heavy accents.
    • Might not capture the nuances or emotions of conversations accurately.
    • May raise privacy or security concerns for users wary of online recording and storage.
    • Limited integration with video conferencing platforms beyond Google Meet.
    • May have fewer features compared to other AI meeting note tools.

Benefits of using Supernormal AI

  • Stay focused on discussions as Supernormal handles note-taking seamlessly.
    • Instantly share notes and recordings with anyone, including colleagues, clients, and productivity apps like CRM, ATS, Google Docs, or Notion.
    • Access and review notes and recordings anytime, anywhere on
    • Effortlessly highlight key takeaways and action items from meetings to ensure nothing important is missed.

So, you know how sometimes during meetings or classes, it’s hard to keep track of everything that’s being said? Well, is like a super smart assistant that listens to conversations and takes notes for you automatically. It uses artificial intelligence to transcribe spoken words into text in real-time. This means you can focus on the discussion without worrying about missing important points. Plus, you can easily search through the transcript later to find specific information. It’s like having your own personal note taker, making it super handy for meetings, lectures, interviews, or even just brainstorming sessions with friends.

Features and Benefits of Using

  • Automatic Transcription: listens to conversations and converts spoken phrases into text in real-time.
  • Searchable Transcripts: Easily search via transcripts to discover unique information or keywords.
  • Speaker Identification: can differentiate among audio system, making it easier to song who said what.
  • Highlighting and Editing: Users can highlight essential factors or edit transcripts as needed.
  • Integration with Productivity Tools: integrates with various productivity gear like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Zoom, making it handy to save and percentage transcripts.
  • Accessibility: Provides accessibility features including live captioning and display screen reader support.
  • Collaboration: Allows customers to collaborate on transcripts by way of sharing them with others and permitting actual-time modifying.
  • Versatility: Useful for conferences, lectures, interviews, brainstorming sessions, and extra.

How to use to take notes?

1. Create an account:

Visit the website or download the app to your cell device. Sign up for an account with the usage of your electronic mail address or Google account.

2. Start a brand new is aware:

 Once you are logged in, you may begin a brand new be aware-taking session by clicking on the “New Note” button or the microphone icon to begin recording.

3. Record audio:

Begin speaking or gambling the audio you need to transcribe into the microphone of your tool. will routinely transcribe what it hears in real-time.

4. Edit and layout notes:

 After your recording is transcribed, you can edit the textual content, add punctuation, or accurately any mistakes that could have taken place throughout transcription.

5. Organize your notes: allows you to arrange your notes by including tags, highlighting key points, and developing folders to keep the whole thing well prepared.

6. Export or share your notes:

 Once you are executed taking notes, you could export them as text, PDF, or SRT files. You also can percentage your notes with others by sending them a link to view or collaborate on the transcript.

7. Use additional functions: additionally offers extra functions just as the capacity to search within your notes, collaborate with others in actual time, and even integrate with different apps like Zoom for the automatic transcription of meetings.


Lastly, AI note generator gears are like magical assistants for capturing and organizing statistics. They make it fantastic and smooth to take notes all through meetings or classes. Whether it’s Otter.Ai’s real-time transcription or Google Keep’s coloration-coded notes, these tools are a big assist for college students, employees, and absolutely everyone who wishes to keep in mind stuff. With AI, observe-taking turns into a breeze, saving time and making life easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Google Keep and what are its features?

Google Keep is a versatile note-taking app by Google. Users can create and organize text notes, lists, images, and voice recordings. Features include color coding, reminders, collaboration, cross-platform sync, and integration with Google Drive and Google Docs.

Q2. How can I use Google Keep to take notes?

Open Google Keep via the app or web browser. Create a note using the keyboard or voice typing. Add checklists, images, reminders, and color labels. Save to sync across devices

Q3. Is Google Keep free to apply?

Yes, Google Keep is free to use. All you want is a Google account to get admission to it. It does not count pix and audio documents toward your Google garage restriction, and it gives enough storage for textual content notes with someone restriction of nineteen,999 characters.

Q4. What are the important thing abilities of Roam Research?

Roam Research offers skills that include nested bullet factors, bidirectional linking, one-way links, day-by-day notes, tagging and filters, graph view, blocks for clean manipulation, keyboard shortcuts, offline get entry to, import/export competencies, customizable templates, collaboration alternatives, cellular apps, extensions and integrations, and sturdy privateness and safety capabilities.

Q5. What are the pricing plans for Roam Research?

Roam Research isn’t unfastened and gives numerous paid plans:
•            Pro: $15/month or $100 eighty/twelve months (with limitless graphs, collaborators, API get proper of entry to, and apps).
•            Believer: $500 for five years (consists of the whole lot in Pro, plus early access to new competencies, network calls, and precedence assist).