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Writing an article with the help of AI tools like Chat GPT, Writely, Copyai, Writesonic, and many others makes it easy to write an article in minutes. Writing an article with AI has many advantages, such as taking less time to write, being more accurate, having fewer chances of making grammatical errors, and many other features. But in this article, we will explore a new tool that can help you write an article with more speed, and that is trolly AI. In this blog, we will explore what Trolly AI is. What are the features of the Trolly AI tool? And how do I use this tool to generate an article or blog? Let’s continue… What is

Trolly AI tool?

Trolly AI is an AI-powered tool for creating SEO content. It offers an AI-powered content creation wizard that provides step-by-step instructions for creating SEO articles. It utilizes machine learning to generate well-researched article outlines and save time while developing high-quality content. Trolly AI’s features include in-app SEO tools, multilingual support, bulk article generation, and direct WordPress publishing.

Trolly AI Features

Time Saver Extraordinaire:

Trolly AI, our time-saving hero, works like magic! It can whip up a big, fancy article in the blink of an eye, something that would normally take forever. Imagine having more free time to do what you love!

Styles Galore:

But that’s not all. This magical tool can be your writing chameleon, offering over 10 different styles. You want your article to sound professional, fun, or deep? No problem! Trolly AI has the style that suits your mood.

Languages, Many and More:

And here’s the grand finale! Trolly AI speaks over 20 different languages. It’s like a language wizard. Now your articles can talk to people all around the world, even if they speak different languages

In-app SEO tools:

Trolly AI offers built-in SEO tools, including suggestions for optimizing article titles, Meta tags, and descriptions. It can also help identify relevant keywords to include in the article.

Word Press publishing:

Content generated with this tool, users can publish their content directly to a WordPress website from within Trolly AI.

Article customization:

While Trolly AI generates a well-researched article outline, users have the ability to customize the article according to their preferences. When you need any alternation you can add, remove or modify sections.

In-Article Images and Videos: understands the importance of visual content in engaging readers. That’s why it offers in-article images and videos, making your articles more visually appealing and engaging.

Overall, Trolly AI aims to provide an easy-to-use solution for creating high-quality SEO content that saves time and boosts creativity.

What are the benefits of using Trolly AI Tool?

Let’s present the benefits of using Trolly AI in a creative bullet point style:

Increased Productivity:

Trolly AI works its magic, drastically slashing the time spent on content creation. It frees up valuable hours, letting you focus on what truly matters.

Enhanced Creativity:

With Trolly AI’s AI-powered content generation wizard, your creative spirit soars. It guides you through the art of crafting SEO articles, sparking your imagination and enriching your outlines.

Improved Content Quality:

Trolly AI’s SEO prowess ensures your content shines, both in the eyes of search engines and discerning readers. It obsessively perfects title SEO, crafts compelling meta descriptions, places keywords strategically, and offers suggestions for article perfection.

Multilingual Mastery:

This  AI tool is your linguistic chameleon, fluently navigating through languages like English, Spanish, French, and German. A must-have for businesses with a global presence.

 Bulk Article Brilliance:

Need a content flood? Trolly AI can whip up multiple articles simultaneously, making it the go-to tool for businesses hungry for a consistent stream of high-quality content.

Trolly AI is more than just an AI tool; it’s a transformative force that supercharges productivity, sparks creative genius, polishes content to perfection, and opens doors to global audiences. Step into the future of content creation with this remarkable blend of technology and inspiration.

Pricing of trolly AI

How much does cost?

The pricing for starts at $24.90 per month. has 4 different plans:

Features100 articles300 articles1000 articlesUnlimited articles
 Text editorsText editorsText editorsText editors
 Auto SEO optimized articleAuto SEO optimized articleAuto SEO optimized articleAuto SEO optimized article
Pricing Table of Trolly AI

How to use Trolly AI tool to generate an article within minutes

To make the most of Trolly AI for your writing, follow these straightforward steps:

Begin your journey:

Start by going to the Trolly AI website. Sign up for an account by giving them the information they need, and complete the signup process.

Use the writing tool:

After signing in, use Trolly AI’s writing tool. Here, you’ll provide details to create an outline for your article.

Add keywords and decide on the article’s length:

In the writing tool, enter the important words related to what you’re writing about. Also, choose how long you want the article to be in terms of words or characters.

Get an article outline:

 Click a button that says “Generate Outline” or something similar. Trolly AI will create a well-organized outline with suggestions for sections and subsections.

Customize the outline:

Look at the outline and change it as needed. You can add, remove, or change sections to match your needs.

Write the article:

Once you’re happy with the outline, start writing your article. Use Trolly AI’s tips to make sure your writing is good for search engines.

Check for mistakes:

After writing, read through your work to find any errors or things that don’t make sense. Make sure your article sounds good and doesn’t have any grammar or spelling problems.

Share your work:

When you’re satisfied with your article, you can publish it on your Word Press website from Trolly AI. Or, you can copy the article and put it on another website you like.


The rewritten blog emphasizes the simplicity and user-friendliness of Trolly AI for content creation. It outlines the step-by-step process, highlighting tasks like signing up, generating an outline, adding keywords, and customizing content. The blog encourages users to proofread their work, ensuring quality. It emphasizes Trolly AI as a helpful writing assistant, promoting productivity and efficient content creation. The language used is clear, making it accessible to a wide audience. Readers are left with a comprehensive understanding of how to utilize Trolly AI effectively, empowering them to enhance their writing skills and optimize their online content creation experience.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q1. What is Trolly AI?

Trolly AI is an AI-powered tool designed for creating SEO content. It offers a content creation wizard that guides you through the process of crafting high-quality articles efficiently.

Q2. What are the key features of Trolly AI?

Trolly AI features include in-app SEO tools, support for multiple languages, bulk article generation, and direct publishing to WordPress. It also offers over 10 writing styles and in-article images and videos.

Q3. What are the benefits of using Trolly AI?

Using Trolly AI can lead to increased productivity, enhanced creativity, improved content quality, multilingual support, and the ability to generate multiple articles at once.

Q4. How much does cost? offers four different plans, starting at $24.90 per month for the Basic plan. Pricing options range from monthly to yearly subscriptions, each with varying features and article limits.

Q5. How can I use Trolly AI to generate an article quickly?

To use Trolly AI for article creation, sign up on the Trolly AI website, use the writing tool to provide article details, add keywords, decide on the article’s length, generate an outline, customize it as needed, write the article, proofread for errors, and then publish it to your WordPress website or copy it to another platform.