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Edit video using AI

Introduction to AI Video Editing Tools

In today’s digital world, videos are everywhere! Whether it’s on social media or in advertisements, videos are a popular way to capture people’s attention. But to make these videos look fantastic, we need to do some editing magic. That’s where AI video editing comes to the rescue! AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is a fancy technology that can make editing videos a whole lot easier and faster. With AI video editing tools like Clipchamp Create, Filmora X, and Videoleap, you don’t need to be a pro to create videos that look professional. They have cool features that can automate tasks, make your videos look better, and even add special effects. By Edit video using AI, you can take them to the next level and make them stand out online. So, if you want to edit videos using AI, you’re on the right track to creating awesome content!

The Rise of AI in Video Editing

Artificial Intelligence, also known as AI, has made impressive progress in recent years and has had a big impact on many industries. Video editing is one area that has seen significant changes. In the past, editing videos required experts who spent a lot of time carefully cutting and arranging clips, adding transitions, and adjusting colors. But now, Edit video using AI and with the help of AI-powered video editing tools, the process has become faster, more accurate, and available to everyone. You can also write scripts by using AI tools

AI Video Editing Tools

Clipchamp Create:

Edit video using AI, In 2014, a user-friendly online video editor called Clipchamp was launched, aiming to make video production accessible to everyone, regardless of their editing skills. It allows users to effortlessly combine audio, video, and image files, add text and effects, and save the final product to their personal computers. To assist in creating professional-looking videos, Clipchamp offers helpful features like automatic scene identification, AI-based video enhancement, and a library of royalty-free content.

Clipchamp Create, the video editing component of Clipchamp, was introduced to simplify the process of editing video clips and enable users to create high-quality films easily from the comfort of their own homes. While the exact release date of Clipchamp Create is not specified, it has gained popularity due to its intuitive editing tools, user-friendly interface, and the ability to export videos in 4K resolution.

Features and capabilities of Clipchamp Create:

Clipchamp Make has a few truly cool elements that make it simple to alter recordings and make them look marvelous:

1.         Editing:

You can without much of a stretch trim, cut, and join video cuts. You can likewise change the speed of your recordings and add smooth advances between scenes.

2.         Effects and Channels:

 Clipchamp Make makes heaps of impacts and channels to make your recordings really energizing. You can change tones, add overlays, make text move in cool ways, and utilize different special visualizations.

3.         Text and Titles:

You can add text, titles, and inscriptions to your recordings. There are various textual styles, styles, and choices to make your text look perfect.

4.         Audio Altering:

You can record voiceovers, add ambient sound, and change the sound levels of your recordings. You can likewise utilize sound impacts to work on the sound quality.

5.         Media Library:

 Clipchamp Make gives a library of free pictures, recordings, and sound documents that you can use in your undertakings. It’s an incredible asset to improve your own media.

6.         Themes:

 Clipchamp Make has pre-planned topics for various sorts of recordings like web-based entertainment posts, introductions, and instructional exercises. These layouts give you a beginning stage and thoughts for your recordings.

7.         Export Choices:

At the point when you’re finished altering, you can send out your recordings in various goals and arrangements. You can browse HD or even 4K quality.

Benefit of using Clipchamp Create

Clipchamp Create has a simple drag-and-drop interface that anyone can use, whether you’re a beginner or have experience with video editing.

Easy-to-use interface:

Clipchamp Create provides several advantages that make video editing a breeze, even for those with limited experience. Its user-friendly interface ensures smooth navigation through the editing process.

Wide range of video editing tools:

One of the key benefits of Clipchamp Create is its extensive range of video editing tools. These tools, including trimming, cropping, text addition, filters, and transitions, empower users to enhance their videos and make them visually captivating.

Ability to export in various formats:

Another advantage is the flexibility to export edited videos in different formats, catering to specific platform and device requirements. This ensures compatibility and convenience for sharing videos across various channels.

Online-based platform:

Being an online-based platform, Clipchamp Create eliminates the need for downloading or installing software. You can edit videos directly from your web browser, making it accessible from any device with an internet connection.

Integrations with popular platforms:

Clipchamp Create also integrates seamlessly with popular platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and Google Drive. This integration simplifies the process of uploading and sharing edited videos without any hassle.

Access to a large collection of stock media:

Moreover, Clipchamp Create offers a vast collection of stock media, including videos, images, and audio. This extensive library allows users to enhance their videos with professional-looking content without the need for additional sourcing.

In summary, Clipchamp Create delivers an intuitive and feature-rich video editing experience, all within an online-based platform. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, this tool provides the convenience and tools necessary to create high-quality videos effortlessly.

How to Edit video using AI Clipchamp Create:

Clipchamp Create provides a variety of AI-powered tools that make video editing quick and effortless. Edit video using AI follow step-by-step guide to editing your video using AI in Clipchamp Create:

Upload your video:

Begin by uploading the video you wish to edit. Simply click the “Create a Video” button on the homepage and select the “Start with a video file” option.

Select an AI tool:

 After uploading your video, choose the AI-powered tool you’d like to utilize. Clipchamp Create offers a range of AI tools, such as:

-Automatic video editor: This tool uses AI algorithms to automatically enhance your video by adjusting brightness, contrast, colors, and more. It optimizes the visual quality of your video with just a click.

-Smart trimmer: The smart trimmer utilizes AI to intelligently detect and remove unnecessary sections from your video. It helps you trim your video effortlessly, saving time and effort.

  – Voice-to-text converter: This AI tool transcribes the audio in your video into text. It’s useful   for creating captions, subtitles, or extracting dialogue from your video.

       – Background remover: With the background remover tool, AI technology identifies and     removes the background from your video. This allows you to replace the background with an image or apply a different visual effect.

Apply AI edits:

 Once you’ve selected an AI tool, follow the instructions provided to apply the edits. The AI algorithms will analyze your video and make the necessary adjustments based on the selected tool.

Preview and save:

Clipchamp Create’s AI-powered tools streamline the editing process, allowing you to enhance your videos effortlessly and achieve professional-looking results.

After the Edit video using AI have been applied, preview the changes to ensure they meet your expectations. If you’re satisfied with the results, save the edited video to your desired location.

Filmora X

Wondershare developed Filmora X, a video editing software that was officially launched in North America on October 19, 2020. Filmora X offers various video editing features like motion tracking, audio ducking, and keyframing. It also includes AI-powered tools such as motion tracking, color tuning, and video stabilization. one of the best Ai tools Edit video using AI you will make one of the best content.

Filmora X is a standalone software that needs to be installed on your computer and is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

According to Wondershare, Filmora X introduces several new features compared to its predecessor. These include enhanced options for audio and motion tracking, expanded libraries for titles and effects, and new AI tools. The software provides an intuitive user interface, making it easy to use even for beginners. With drag-and-drop functionality and pre-designed templates, users can create professional-looking videos quickly.

Overall, Filmora X offers a wide range of tools and capabilities for video editing, catering to both novice and expert users. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive design have made it a popular choice among video creators today.

Features and capabilities of Filmora X

User-Friendly Interface:

New users will find it simple to learn how to use and explore Filmora X thanks to its user-friendly interface. The layout allows effective editing operations and is easy to grasp.

Video Editing Tools

Filmora X has a number of tools for editing videos. Along with trimming, slicing, and merging video clips, you may rotate or flip movies. Videos’ velocities and directions can also be changed. Key framing also allows for fine-grained control over animations and effects.

Audio Editing:

You may modify and improve audio tracks with the programmer. The level may be changed, audio effects can be applied, and background noise can be reduced. In Filmora X, you may now access a collection of music and sound effects without paying any licensing costs.

Effects and Filters:

To make your films better, Filmora X offers a variety of visual effects and filters. To create dynamic graphics, you may add transitions between clips; include text and titles, overlays, and other features. For compositing, it also supports green screen effects.

Advanced Color Grading:

In Filmora X, you may carry out thorough color grading to change the brightness, contrast, saturation, and other color-related characteristics of your videos. For a uniform look, it provides preset settings and the flexibility to design unique color profiles.

Motion Graphics:

Using Filmora X, you can quickly add motion graphics components to your films. It provides pre-made titles, lower thirds, and other graphic components that may be adjusted to fit the aesthetic of your project.

Advanced Editing Features:

Advanced editing tools including audio reduction, video stabilization, and lens correction are available in Filmora X. You may work with high-quality footage by editing high-resolution 4K material.

Screen Recording:

Another feature of Filmora X is screen recording. With the programs screen recording capability, you may capture both the audio and visual content of your computer screen. For making demonstrations, gaming videos, or lessons, this is helpful.

Audio Separation

With the help of AI technology, Filmora X to automatically separate audio from video content. This will help you to separately modify the audio, making it simpler to change levels or add effects.

Social Media Integration:

Direct export options for networks like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are available in Filmora X. It is straightforward and doesn’t require additional encoding or formatting to share your movies online.

How to use Filmora X

Do the following while using Filmora X:

Setup Filmora X and install it:

Start by installing Filmora X on your PC after downloading it. Run the programme when installation is complete.

Import Media Files:

 Click the “Import Media” option to add your media files to the software. You may easily import movies, photos, and audio files from your PC as well as your camera or smartphone.

Arrange the Media Properly on the Timeline:

 Drag and drop the necessary media files into the timeline. Utilising the timeline, you may order and categorise your footage for editing.

Edit and Improve Videos:

 From the timeline, choose a video clip and use Filmora X’s editing tools to make it better. To enhance the visual appeal, split or segment footage, alter the tempo or direction, and use effects and filters. You may alter the audio effects and volume of your video’s soundtrack as well.

Add Transitions and Effects:

Select “Transitions” from the menu and select a transition to add between clips. The required transition between two clips should be dragged and dropped onto the timeline. Check out the “Effects” tab to improve the visual effects in your movies even further.

Include Text and Titles:

To access a variety of text styles and titles, select the “Text” tab. To add the required text or title to your movie, drag & drop it onto the timeline. Change the text’s font, size, colour, and other elements as desired. possibilities for animation.

Apply motion graphics:

 Filmora X provides elements for motion graphics that might improve your videos. Visit the “Elements” page to select from a range of ready-made graphics. Drag and drag the selected image onto the timeline, then edit its dimensions and duration as necessary.

Add Background Music and Sound Effects:

Select the “Audio” option to add background music or sound effects to your videos. You have the option of using the built-in collection of sound effects and music that are all free to use or importing your own audio files. To change the volume levels, drag & drop the chosen audio onto the timeline.

Perform Colour Grading and Adjust Colours:

Filmora X offers tools for doing colour grading and modifying the colours in your video. videos. Navigate to the “Colour” tab and play about with the various choices to create the desired effect. You may change the brightness, contrast, and saturation, as well as use presets or create custom colour profiles.

Preview and Export:

When you’re through editing your video, utilise the preview window to go over it. Make any necessary final modifications. Then, select the required export parameters by clicking the “Export” button. Filmora X provides a variety of export choices, such as direct sharing to social media networks or storing the film to your PC in numerous formats.

These instructions should provide you with a fundamental grasp of how to utilise Filmora X. Feel free to play with the software’s numerous capabilities to make your own unique videos.


Videoleap stands as a mobile video editing application meticulously crafted by Lightricks Ltd, catering to the needs of users who seek to refine and elevate their videos. The application boasts an extensive array of features, empowering users with the ability to embellish their videos with striking visual elements, such as effects, filters, transitions, and text, thereby bestowing a professional touch upon their creations.

To the best of my knowledge, as of September 2021, Videoleap had already been introduced and made available for download on both the iOS and Android platforms. However, precise information regarding the exact date of its launch eludes me.

Delving into the pivotal role of artificial intelligence within Videoleap, Lightricks seamlessly integrates this cutting-edge technology into the application, enriching its capabilities and endowing it with advanced editing features. AI manifests itself within the tool through various means, including but not limited to:

Edit video using AI in Videoleap

1. Object and scene recognition:

By virtue of AI algorithms, Videoleap adeptly identifies and discerns objects and scenes depicted in videos, facilitating the effortless manipulation of specific elements or the application of effects to distinct portions of the footage.

2. Automated editing:

Edit video using AI, Videoleap analyzes the content of videos and proffers automatic edits grounded in preconceived styles or templates. This invaluable feature expedites users’ attainment of desired effects without necessitating meticulous manual adjustments at every juncture.

3. Content-aware editing:

Embodied within Videoleap lies AI algorithms that possess the acumen to intelligently scrutinize video content, effecting adjustments while meticulously preserving the overarching quality. These adjustments encompass a wide gamut of actions, ranging from the removal of undesired objects from the footage to the enhancement of select elements, culminating in a heightened visual experience.

4. Smart filters and effects:

Videoleap harnesses the potency of AI-driven filters and effects, which dynamically calibrate parameters predicated upon the nuances inherent in the video content. This dynamic calibration results in an enhanced aesthetic appeal and an overall visual refinement of the footage.

By seamlessly incorporating AI into the framework of Videoleap, the application endeavors to streamline the video editing process, endowing users with a bevy of powerful tools that effortlessly engender the creation of captivating videos.

Features and capabilities of videoleap:

1. Dynamic Effects:

Videoleap provides an extensive array of dynamic effects that seamlessly transform videos, imbuing them with an enchanting visual allure. From artistic filters to mesmerizing overlays, users can effortlessly elevate their footage into captivating masterpieces.

2. Intuitive Editing Tools:

Videoleap empowers users with a comprehensive suite of intuitive editing tools, allowing them to refine every aspect of their videos with ease. With precise trimming, cropping, seamless transitions, and accurate color adjustments, the application enables users to unleash their creativity and bring their vision to life.

3. Keyframe Animation:

Unlock your creativity with Videoleap’s keyframe feature, enabling the creation of intricate animations. Users can effortlessly define and manipulate keyframes to achieve smooth and seamless transitions, adding a professional touch to their videos.

4. Text and Typography:

Videoleap offers an extensive collection of text styles and typography options, empowering users to add engaging titles, captions, and subtitles to their videos. With customizable fonts, colors, and animations, users can effectively convey their message and enhance the visual impact of their videos.

5. Audio Editing:

Videoleap provides robust audio editing capabilities, allowing users to fine-tune the audio tracks accompanying their videos. With features like adjusting volume levels, adding sound effects, and incorporating background music, users have precise control over the auditory elements of their creations.

6. Layer-Based Editing:

Videoleap’s layer-based editing feature empowers users to work with multiple layers of media, effortlessly blending visuals, effects, and overlays. This versatility opens up endless possibilities for creative expression, enabling users to craft visually stunning videos

7. Speed Control:

Videoleap allows users to manipulate the speed of their videos, creating captivating slow-motion sequences or speeding up footage for a more dynamic effect. The intuitive speed control feature gives users the flexibility to experiment and create captivating visual narratives

8. High-Quality Export:

After completing the editing process, Videoleap ensures the preservation of video quality with its high-quality export options. Users can save their videos in various resolutions and formats, ensuring compatibility across different platforms and devices.

With its diverse range of features and capabilities, Videoleap empowers users to unleash their creativity, edit videos like professionals, and produce visually stunning and captivating content.

How to use Videoleap:

To utilize Videoleap’s powerful capabilities, follow these simple steps:

1. Download and Install:

Visit the iOS App Store for iPhone or iPad or the Google Play Store for Android. Search for “Videoleap” and download and install the app on your device.

2. Launch the App:

Tap on the Videoleap icon on your device’s home screen to launch the app.

3. Import a Video:

To import a video, tap on the “+” button located in the center of the screen or select the “Import” option from the main menu. Choose a video from your device’s gallery or record a new video using the app’s built-in camera.

4. Editing Tools:

Videoleap provides a range of editing tools to enhance and modify your videos. Some common features include:

   – Trim and Split: Cut and divide your video into smaller clips.

   – Adjust: Change the brightness, contrast, saturation, and other visual settings.

   – Filters: Apply various filters to alter the mood and style of your video.

   – Effects: Add special effects like glitch, blur, and transitions.

   – Overlays: Place text, stickers, or images on top of your video.

   – Keyframes: Create animations and control the movement of elements.

   – Audio: Edit the audio track, add music, or adjust volume levels.

   – Speed: Speed up or slow down your video.

5. AI Features:

Videoleap incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) to provide advanced editing capabilities. Here are some ways AI can assist you in Videoleap:

   – Automatic Editing: AI algorithms analyze your video content and suggest edits, filters, or effects based on the visual elements present in the footage.

   – Object Recognition: AI can identify objects, people, or specific elements in your videos, allowing you to apply effects or manipulate those objects separately.

   – Background Removal: Utilize AI-powered tools to isolate the subject in your video and remove or replace the background with another image or video clip.

   – Video Stabilization: AI algorithms analyze shaky footage and automatically stabilize it, resulting in smoother and more professional-looking videos.

   – Content-aware Editing: AI detects the content within a frame and suggests edits that complement the visual elements, enhancing the overall scene.

6. Save and Share: Once you’re satisfied with your edits, tap the “Save” button to export your video. You can choose the resolution and file format for saving. After the export is complete, you can easily share your video directly to social media platforms or other apps.

Please note that the specific features and functionality of Videoleap may vary based on the version you are using, as updates and new features are periodically released.


  • AI video editing tools have revolutionized the content creation industry.
  • Edit video using AI will also save time money and efforts
  • Three popular tools highlighted are Clipchamp Create, Filmora X, and Videoleap.
  • AI-powered tools make video editing faster, more accurate, and accessible to beginners.
  • Clipchamp Create is an online video editor with automatic scene identification, AI-based video enhancement, and a library of royalty-free content.
  • Filmora X is standalone video editing software with motion tracking, audio ducking, keyframing, and AI-powered tools like motion tracking and color tuning.
  • Videoleap is a mobile video editing application with features like effects, filters, transitions, and text, integrating AI algorithms for automated editing, content-aware editing, and smart filters and effects.
  • These tools offer intuitive interfaces, drag-and-drop functionality, and pre-designed templates for ease of use.
  • They allow users to trim, cut, and join video clips, apply effects and filters, add text and titles, edit audio, and choose from pre-designed themes.
  • Export options are available in various resolutions and formats.
  • AI video editing tools have transformed the content creation landscape, making video editing accessible to everyone.


Q1. What is AI video editing?

A1. Edit video using AI refers to the use of Artificial Intelligence technology to automate and streamline the process of editing videos. It involves the use of AI algorithms and tools that can perform tasks such as scene identification, video enhancement, object recognition, background removal, and automated editing.

Q2. What are some popular AI video editing tools?

A2. Some popular AI video editing tools include Clipchamp Create, Filmora X, and Videoleap. These tools utilize AI algorithms to simplify the editing process, enhance video quality, automate tasks, and provide features like motion tracking, color tuning, and object recognition.

Q3. How does Clipchamp Create simplify video editing using AI?

A3. Clipchamp Create simplifies video editing using AI by offering features like automatic scene identification, AI-based video enhancement, and a library of royalty-free content. It allows users to easily trim, cut, and join video clips, apply effects and filters, add text and titles, edit audio, and choose from pre-designed themes.

Q4. What are the key features of Filmora X in terms of AI video editing?

A4. Filmora X offers various AI-powered features such as motion tracking, color tuning, video stabilization, and automated editing. It provides a user-friendly interface with drag-and-drop functionality, allowing users to trim, crop, merge video clips, adjust audio, apply effects and filters, and create keyframe animations.

Q5. How does Videoleap leverage AI in video editing?

A5. Videoleap leverages AI in video editing through features like object and scene recognition, automated editing, content-aware editing, and smart filters and effects. AI algorithms in Videoleap analyze video content, detect objects, remove or replace backgrounds, stabilize shaky footage, and suggest edits that complement the visual elements in the video.