AI tools for YouTube shorts

Welcome to our blog all about making cool YouTube Shorts videos with the help of special AI tools like Klap, Vizard AI, and 2short AI. We’ll show you how these tools make it easy to create awesome short videos for YouTube. It’s like magic – you can add cool effects, get suggestions, and be super creative without any stress. We’ll explore how technology and creativity come together, making it fun and simple to make videos that people loves to watch. Join us on this adventure where we use AI to tell exciting stories in short videos.

2short AI

This is AI tools for YouTube shorts. is an AI-generated YouTube Shorts generator. It offers a range of features designed to help creators repurpose their long videos into engaging short clips that can drive views and subscribers faster.

Features of 2short AI

Here are some of its key features:

Speedy server-side exporting: allows you to quickly export your short clips with server-side processing, saving you time and effort.

Center stage facial tracking: This feature ensures that the active speakers in your videos remain at the center of the screen, capturing their spotlight.

One-click animated subtitles: Increase viewer engagement and watch time by easily adding animated subtitles to your short clips with just a single click.

Unlimited high-quality exports: Enjoy unlimited high-resolution exports without any watermarks, ensuring that your content stands out.

Versatile aspect ratios: Reach your audience on different platforms by creating shorts in vertical, square, or horizontal aspect ratios.

Advanced editing tools: In addition to automatic face tracking, provides advanced editing and cropping options for added flexibility in achieving your creative vision.

Brand presets: Make every video uniquely yours by adding brand logos and overlays to your exported videos, creating a distinct and visually appealing brand presence.

Vizard AI

This is an AI tool for YouTube shorts, it create 10+ clips from one long video, this tool utilize AI technology to collect main parts from a video that can you shared on different platform like YouTube shorts, Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook and so many others platform.

Pricing of Vizard AI

Monthly Price0$30$60$Build as you need
Yearly Price0$$16 30$32$ 60$ 
Features300 minute of video upload per month1200 minute of video upload per month6000 minute of video upload per monthDedicated account manager
 1080p exports with a watermark1080p exports without watermark1080p exports without watermarkOnboarding & training
 10 AI clipping projects40 AI clipping projects200 AI clipping projectsIntegrations
  exports 200 videoexports  Unlimited video 
pricing table of Vizard AI

Video Repurposing for Social Media Success:

The generated clips can be used for various purposes, such as sharing on social media. Platforms like TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and more. Content creators extend their reach and engagement by dividing long videos into clips for diverse platform sharing.

How you tuber use Vizard AI for YouTube shorts

Some general information on how You Tubers can utilize Vizard AI in their content creation process:

  • Enhancing Videos with Interaction: Vizard AI allows YouTubers to make their videos more engaging. Augment videos with animations, sound, and virtual elements for heightened viewer engagement and excitement.
  • Adding Data-Powered Features: Vizard AI can connect with different data sources like spreadsheets, databases, and web APIs. YouTubers enhance videos with data-driven elements for informative and topic-relevant content, engaging their audience effectively.
  • Creating immersive VR experiences: YouTubers can leverage Vizard AI to create immersive virtual reality experiences for their audience. This allows them to engage their viewers in a unique and interactive way, enhancing the overall content experience.
  • Collaborative content creation: Vizard AI supports collaborative authoring, allowing multiple YouTubers to work together on creating VR experiences. This encourages teamwork and creativity among content creators.
  • Streamlining content creation with automation: Vizard AI offers features for automating certain aspects of content creation. It aids YouTubers in streamlining workflows, reducing manual effort, and increasing content production efficiency, enhancing their overall output.

Klap AI is an AI-powered video editing tool that simplifies the process of creating short-form social videos from long-form YouTube content. With Klap, users can easily transform their YouTube videos into ready-to-publish TikToks, Reels, and Shorts for various social media platforms.

Pricing of Klap AI

Is Klap app free? Klap AI is free but up to some limit it’s also give some paid plan as given below in table:

 Klap simpleKalp pro
Yearly$23.2/year (20% off)$63.3/year (20% off)
FeaturesUpload 10 videos monthlyUpload 30 videos monthly
 Up to 45 minutes long videosUp to 2 hours long videos
 Generate 100 clips monthlyGenerate 300 clips monthly
 HD download4K download
Pricing table of Klap AI

Features of Klap AI

  1. Smart Video Editing: uses AI technology to identify top video topics, reframe on faces, and create amazing captions for quicker editing.
  2. Effortless Video Clipping: Using is a breeze – paste a YouTube link or uploads a video, and it extracts captivating segments with smart editing.
  3. Personalized Videos: lets users add, music text and effects to craft distinctive and engaging content.
  4. Streamlined Content Creation: simplifies turning lengthy videos into short, captivating clips for social media, thanks to its time-saving features, like automatic topic recognition and engaging captions.


  1. AI tools simplify repurposing long videos into short, engaging clips for diverse social media platforms, aiding content creators effectively.
  2. These tools streamline editing and creative processes, enhancing accessibility and efficiency for content creators, whether for YouTube Shorts or VR experiences.
  3. AI tools offer valuable solutions, enhancing YouTube Shorts, immersive VR experiences, and video editing workflows for content creators.

Frequently Asked Question [FAQs]

Q1: What is 2short AI, and what are its key features?

2short AI is an AI-generated YouTube Shorts generator that helps creators repurpose long videos into engaging short clips. Key features: fast server-side exporting, center stage facial tracking, animated subtitles, unlimited high-quality exports, flexible aspect ratios, and advanced editing.

Q2: What does Vizard AI offer in terms of pricing and features?

Vizard AI offers both free and paid plans. The pricing options include Creator (free), Pro ($30/month), and Custom (build as you need). Features range from 300 to 6000 minutes of video upload per month. Different export options, AI clipping projects, and the availability of a dedicated account manager.

Q3: How can YouTubers use Vizard AI for YouTube Shorts to enhance their videos?

YouTubers can use Vizard AI to enhance their videos by adding animations, sounds, and video changes to make their content more engaging. They can also incorporate data-driven elements, create immersive VR experiences, collaborate on content creation, and streamline their content creation process with automation.

Q4: Is Klap AI a free tool, and what are its pricing options and features?

Klap AI offers both free and paid plans. The pricing options include Klap Simple ($29/month) and Klap Pro ($79/month) with yearly discounts. Features include monthly video uploads, video length limits, clip generation, and download options.

Q5: What are the key features of Klap AI for video editing and content creation?

Klap AI offers smart video editing using AI technology to identify top video topics and create captions. It provides effortless video clipping, personalized videos with music, text, and effects, and streamlined content creation, making it easier to turn lengthy videos into short, engaging clips for social media.