AI tool to remove clothes

In this article, we will discuss advanced and unbelievable artificial intelligence tools. For which AI has designed a specific algorithm for operating a particular function. I am talking about an AI tool to remove clothes. These AI tools are used to remove clothes from images. These tools work too smartly and complete their process in a few clicks. This tool raises serious concerns about privacy, consent, and the Ethical implications of altering visual content. It has implications across various industries, from fashion and entertainment to cyber security and privacy protection. AI tools to remove cloths are discussed in detail, which are given below.

AI tool to remove clothes

An AI tool to remove clothes refers to software that leverages advanced artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to remove clothing from images digitally.

AI tool to remove clothes


Deepnude is AI software that is used for the removal of clothes


  • It provides images that look like real
  • Deepnude could take regular pictures of women wearing clothes and turn them into fake nude photos.
  • It is easy to use it remove clothes from the picture with one click
  • It has also provided the option to change skin color and body shape.
  • Deepnude is also used for entertainment

How to use deep nude

Deep nude is too easy to use and understand. Some steps are given below on how to use deep nude.

1: Get access to the deep nude and log in to it.

2: Upload a picture from which you want to remove the clothes.

3:  Select the parts of the picture from which you want to remove the cloth.

4:  Then click on the generate. Then, it will create an image according to your given instruction.

5:  save your picture

Pricing of deep-nude AI

Is deep-nude AI free? Yes, it is free and also offers some paid plans.

Full Results & No QueueStandardStandard PlusPremium
Has Wait time$0.30/Image$0.32/Image$0.25/Image
Blurred Preview100 image Credits110 image Credits420 Image Credits
Limited amountsv1 Accessv1 + v2 Accessv1 + v2 Access
On-going AI improvementsFull Results & No QueueFull Results & No queueFull Results & No Queue
10% off future orders13% off future orders16% off future orders
Pricing of deep-nude AI is an innovative platform that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to generate realistic nude images.


  • Nude AI is used to generate the picture of naked people that look like real people.
  • This software can change the skin color and shape of the body.
  • It keeps our work safe and secure. Do not worry about providing personal data 
  • It is super detailed and nice, perfect for art or other projects.
  • This software is designed user user-friendly, so it is easy to use.

How to use

1: Get access to nude AI. Login and create your account.

2: Provide instructions to nudes on which type of neck you need. 

3: Click on the button to make the picture after you’ve picked your preferences.

4: After the generation picture looks to it if you want to make changes, it provides different options to change the various parts of the image and make it according to your needs.

5: Once you are happy with the picture, download it to your computer or phone.

Pricing plans of


  • $19.99/month


  • $8.33/12-month

Basedlabs.aiAI tool to remove clothes is a helpful website that uses innovative computer programs to help remove cloth from the picture.


  • By the use of Basedlabs. AI, we can edit, create, and remove clothes from the image. 
  • It also provides the option to create naked videos
  • Creating and removing clothes from the picture takes less time to generate a video.
  • It is safe to use; users can provide personal data without tension.
  • It is also used for generating sexy AI art generators, nude AI generators, AI hentai generators, etc.
  • It has user user-friendly interface, so users can easily use it.

How to use

1: Get access to

2: Upload the picture from which you want to remove the clothes.

3: After uploading the image, select the option for the image which type of image you want. 

4: Then click on generate. It will use innovative AI technology to provide according image according to our needs.

5: Then, review your image and download it.

Pricing plan provides all the services for their user for free

Anakin.aiAI tool to remove clothes removal of clothes using a computer program to take off clothes from pictures or videos.


  • This tool can remove the cloth from both images and videos.
  • It keeps our image and video safe and secure from hackers.
  • It can remove selected parts of the clothes From the video and image.
  • Users can adjust things like how much clothing gets removed, picture quality, and how the final image looks.
  • This tool does not share and save your video and image without permission.

How to use Anakin.aiAI tool to remove clothes

  • Add pictures or videos to From which you want to remove the clothes.
  • provides different tools through which we can remove cloth from the image and video.
  • Select the parts of the cloths that you want to remove from the image or cloths.
  • After completing the process of selection, click on the button generate, and then it will process your work and provide results to you.
  • After it is done, see the image or video if you like it or if you want to make the same changes.
  •  Save your work.

Pricing plans of Anakin.aiAI tool to remove clothes

Free  BasicPro  Premium  
$0$9.90$19.90  $39.90  
Dedicated client servicemonth 30 free credits/day  month 19,000 creditsmonth 39,000 credits
Access to all basic functions  Everything is Free, plus  Everything in free, plusEverything in Free, plus  
Limited batch running  Unlimited batch runningUnlimited batch running  Unlimited batch running  
Only 1 image per generation  Up to  images per generationUp to 8 images per generation  Up to 8 images per generation  
Supports GPT-3.5, GPT-4,   Supports GPT-3.5, GPT-4,   Dedicated Client Service  Dedicated Client Service  
Pricing plans of Anakin.aiAI tool to remove clothes


In conclusion, the proliferation of AI tools designed to remove clothes from images raises significant ethical concerns regarding privacy and consent. While these tools boast impressive capabilities and user-friendly interfaces, their potential misuse for generating fake nude images underscores the importance of responsible AI development and usage. Platforms like Deepnude,,, and offer varying features and pricing structures, catering to different user preferences. However, it is crucial to recognize the broader implications of such technology beyond mere entertainment, spanning industries like fashion, entertainment, cybersecurity, and privacy protection. As we navigate the evolving landscape of AI, it is imperative to prioritize ethical considerations and ensure that innovation aligns with societal values and norms.


Q1. What is an AI tool to remove clothes?

An “AI tool to remove clothes” refers to software that utilizes advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to digitally remove clothing from images.

Q2. How does Deepnude work?

Deepnude is Artificial intelligence software designed to remove or undress clothes from images. Users log in, upload a picture, select the parts to remove the cloth, and then generate and save the modified image.

Q3. What are the pricing plans for Deepnude?

Deepnude offers both free and paid plans, ranging from $0 to $99, with features like blurred previews, access levels, and ongoing AI improvements.

Q4. What is is a platform leveraging AI to generate realistic nude images. Users provide instructions, customize preferences, generate images, review and make changes, and then download the final picture.

Q5. How does work? is a tool capable of removing clothing from both images and videos. Users upload media, select cloth removal options, generate results, review, and save their work. It offers free and subscription-based pricing plans with various features.