The dark side of Artificial intelligence (AI)

AI is considered more dangerous than nuclear, according to Elon Musk. In 1950, AI emerged as a tool created by humans to enhance efficiency and speed in various tasks. Initially, AI technology and robots were developed to aid humans in different aspects of life, from schools to large industries and even the military. As time progressed, the advantages of AI became apparent, but so did the associated risks. Instances of AI tools being misused for blackmailing individuals and AI robots attacking humans began to emerge. In this blog, we will delve into the dark side of AI and AI Robot Attack on humans. Exploring when these attacks on humans occurred and questioning whether AI is becoming conscious or self-aware. Let’s begin.

Main Events Involving AI Robots:

AI Tesla Robot Attack on Tesla Worker

On November 10, 2021, a troubling incident occurred at the Giga Texas factory near Austin. An AI robot from Tesla reportedly attacked a worker, using its claws to grip the employee’s arm and hand, causing significant bleeding and leaving a noticeable trail of blood on the factory floor. This violent act took place after a worker disabled the software of two other robots, leaving only one operational.

This incident underscores the potential hazards and challenges linked to integrating AI in the workplace, even in environments aiming for enhanced productivity.

AI Robot Incident at Moscow Chess Open

On July 19, an incident occurred during a chess tournament in Moscow, the capital of Russia. An AI robot abruptly intervened, grabbing a seven-year-old kid who was actively participating in the game. The match was progressing favorably for the child until he began to feel rushed. In the heat of the moment, the robot seized him, nearly breaking his finger.

AI robots started playing chess games in 1955, with the introduction of the first robotic game named Deep Blue. In 1997, Deep Blue became the first robotic machine to beat a human in a chess game.

AI’s Impact on Human Jobs at IBM

Approximately 7,800 human jobs at IBM could potentially be replaced by AI and automation. AI is already supplanting many traditional human roles; for instance, drone technology has taken over pilot jobs. While AI presents new opportunities, it has also displaced certain jobs, such as those in web design and video editing. Numerous AI tools now excel at video editing, prompting Google to report the replacement of 7,800 jobs by AI at IBM.

Robot Fatality at Volkswagen Plant in Germany

A contractor at a Volkswagen plant in Germany died after a stationary robot grabbed and crushed them. The incident occurred during the setup of the robot at the Baunatal plant, 100km north of Frankfurt. The 22-year-old victim was part of a team working on the robot, which typically operates within a confined area, handling auto parts. Initial findings suggest that human error caused the incident, and another contractor who was present during the event emerged unharmed. Prosecutors are reportedly considering potential charges, focusing on determining responsibility for the tragic event.


The blog exposes AI-related incidents: Tesla robot attacking a worker, AI injuring a child in chess, job displacement at IBM, and a fatal Volkswagen plant incident. These events underscore the dark side of AI, raising concerns about safety, ethics, and potential job losses. The misuse and unintended consequences of AI technology highlight the need for robust regulations, ethical considerations, and careful implementation to prevent harm to humans. Stresses responsible AI development, managing risks, and achieving a balance between innovation and safety for its effective and ethical deployment.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q1: What is the date and location of the incident involving a Tesla robot attacking a worker?

On November 10, 2021, at the Giga Texas factory near Austin, a Tesla robot attacked a worker.

Q2: What was the purpose of the Tesla AI robot involved in the attack?

The Tesla AI robot was initially designed to enhance efficiency in the factory by handling tasks like grabbing and moving freshly cast aluminum car parts.

Q3: When did the AI robot incident occur during the Moscow Chess Open, and what was the consequence?

During the Moscow Chess Open on July 19, an AI robot grabbed a seven-year-old, nearly breaking his finger in a chess game.

Q4: How many human jobs were potentially at risk of replacement by AI at IBM, and what specific areas were affected?

Approximately 7,800 human jobs at IBM were at risk of replacement by AI, with roles in web design and video editing.

Q5: What caused the fatal incident at the Volkswagen plant in Germany involving an AI robot?

Human error in the setup of a stationary robot caused a fatal incident at the Volkswagen plant in Germany, crushing a contractor.